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EX1 Records

Globally distributed full service record label that in it's first year achieved two #1 Billboard Albums, two #1 Billboard Singles, multiple worldwide #1's, iHeart Radio "Best New Rock Act" Award, and a Grammy nomination. EX1 Records was named Top 10 Mainstream Rock Record label by Billboard Magazine in 2021

Publishing & Licensing

EX1 administers and promotes global rights for its signed artists and songwriters who seek a fully managed administration service. Collection and distribution of royalties is complex and EX1 not only simplifies this, but also submits and promotes music for licensing and product placement within one turnkey solution

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Artist Partnerships

EX1 partners with musicians, songwriters and performers in all aspects of their careers.  The EX1 business model is the first to create a truly genuine equal partnership, enabling artists at all stages of their careers, to benefit from the entire Explorer1 Music Group global network and infrastructure that is operated by industry leading managers, record executives, marketing, PR and radio promoters, and entertainment visionaries.

Crowdsourcing Funding for Artists

EX1 recently acquired the majority of an SEC registered crowdfunding investment platform which enables investors and fans to support their favorite artists career and projects through direct financial investment. This acquisition enables the company to tap into EX1’s highly experienced team, as well as leveraging its infrastructure and portfolio of music brands which includes EX1 Records, a Grammy nominated record label.

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The Proven New Artist Partnership Model

Explorer1 Music Group (EX1) is a Los Angeles based global full-service music company that incorporates a never-before-seen artist friendly model that offers artists creative and decision making independence, while receiving the financial support and infrastructure only before seen with major labels or large independents. 

EX1 is a closely held group of companies operated by highly respected and experienced career professionals from the music, movie, TV, radio and media industries.

EX1’s true partnership structures with artists has enabled it to attract some of the biggest names in music, and together with it's artists, EX1 has achieved #1 albums globally, multiple radio hit singles, and a Grammy Nomination.

Working in Studio

Wolfgang Van Halen

Partner Artist since 2021

Wolfgang Van Halen partnered with Explorer1 Music Group to release his debut album Mammoth WVH.  With two #1 singles, a #1 Billboard Album, Loudwires Artist of the Year, iHeart Radio's "Best New Rock Act" award and a Grammy nomination for his debut single Distance, Wolfgang Van Halen is just getting going....



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