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Steve Harris/Iron Maiden/British Lion: "It's great for us to finally come to America to play some shows around the release of the new album there through Explorer1 Music," adds Harris. "The Explorer1 team have been extremely pro-active and we're delighted to be working with them on both the record and the tour."

Wolfgang Van Halen/Van Halen: “I’m very excited to sign with Paul and his team at Explorer1 - I’m looking forward to our future together. It’s been a long time coming and I can’t wait for everyone to hear what I’ve been working on!”

KK Downing/Founding Member Judas Priest: "I am very much looking forward to my partnership and future with Explorer 1. The reason I chose Explorer1 to manage my future over many other bona fide companies is their extensive roster of so many familiar and qualified experts and veterans of the industry that is surely incomparable. Also, their exciting and innovative business model is something that I truly believe will become the future industry standard, making Explorer1 leaders not followers in the music and entertainment industry."

Eric Henderson, Guitar Virtuoso and Composer: “I’m excited to join Paul and his amazing team at Explorer1 - I’ve been looking for the right home for my catolog for years” said Eric Henderson. “This relationship with EX1 is a true partnership, the likes of which I have never seen before, and I can’t wait to begin to collaborate and share with the world my life’s work”.

Neal Middleton, Lead Singer of Royal Bliss: “It’s nice to finally find a home for Royal Bliss with a company that understands what our band, our music, and our fans are all about.  It’s also great to be in a partnership with a company where you feel more like a team instead of feeling like you are being controlled.  They found and signed Royal Bliss because of their belief in who we are and what we have accomplished, and they aren’t going to push us to be something we are not.”

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